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Toubabs in Senegal!

Some of our nice memories from Senegal. 

Traditional keepers in Africa- Photos by Lantai-Csont Gergely

Partner of travelstoafrica.com, National Geographic Award Winner Lantai-Csont Gergely has extensively  documented the daily life of local communities in Ethopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. We have selected some photos where the beauty of intangible cultural heritage is visible! Enjoy!

Portraits by Lantai-Csont Gergely!

The international day of Africa is 25 May each year. We celebrate our respected and beloved continent with this selection of photos!  
Girls. Sudan.Beauty. Senegal.Kids. Senegal.
Girls. Sudan.Beauty. Senegal.Kids. Senegal.

Spring break tour in Senegal- 2017. april 13-23!

We were 13 in the group and we all enjoyed Senegal although there was a real summer heat every day. We have seen a baby antilope at the Bandia Game Reserve, besides the usual zebras and giraffes. We have participated an unforgottable dance and drembe djum workshop with local artists. We have tried exotic and delicious dishes such as barakuda fish, mafe or yassa sauce. It was a very nice journey!

New Years Eve Group in Senegal - 2016. December 27- 2017. January 5.

We have been passing the New Years Eve with our groups each year in Senegal from 2014. This selection shows how we celebrated this particular moment with Ballet Camara, dancers, drummers, with an African vibe. 

Photos from our group in Madagascar

We have sent two groups to Madagascar. These are their photos: memories, beautiful places, nice moments. Madagascar is unique for its flora and fauna, its beaches, national parks and special athmosphere.  

This is what you can see on our Benin-Togo- Ghana tour

Amateur photos from our international guide, who has been staying in Ghana since years and has been extensively discovered the region.  
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