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Congo River Delta Tour

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Next travel date: on demand
Size of group: from 2 participants


If you like this program, please write us indicating the number of participants and the planned travel date and we will get back to you shortly with our offer. Thank you!
Day 0: Travel, arrival at Kinshasa Airport, night Kinshasa
Day 1: Independence Cha-Cha tour, night Kinshasa
Tour of the DRC’s capital, an African mega polis: Kinshasa. Visit to the historic 30 June Avenue and ‘white’ Gombe district. Discover the real heart of Kinshasa, the Victoire square that is always full of life and never sleeps. A visit to Kinshasa’s landmark locations: Kinshasa Mundele (Kinshasa white), the international district of the city/ Kinshasa’s vein: the June 30th Avenue/ Kinshasa’s heart: Victoire / the historical harbour, Pool Malebo / the Mausoleum of Joseph Desire Kabila / Palais du Peuple (Parliament) / Stadium of the martyrs. Visit to the local textile market. Guided tour of the National Museum of Ethnography, with a great view over the two closest capitals in the world: Brazzaville and Kinshasa. Beautiful sunset walk along the Congo riverside. Sunset-walk at the banks of the Congo River in the Ambassador’s district. Dinner at a local restaurant with exotic food: Congolese plates and beers, antelope and crocodile steak.
Day 2.: Congo River Tour, night Kinshasa
Visit to Kimpoko, a Teke village 70 km from Kinshasa. Guided walk around the village where we will meet locals of the Teke ethnic group and will get acquainted with their daily life and material culture. Visit to the school, the Catholic Church, the fields and some huts. Children will perform cultural plays, music, and dances. Surprise gastronomic program with Papa Paul where the bravest will be rewarded! Dinner at “Petit Paradise” restaurant, at the banks of the Congo River, with a beautiful view. Travel along the Congo River in wooden canoes.
Kongo folyo  Kongo folyo 2
Day 3.: Visit to „City on rocks”, Matadi, night Matadi
Travel to the capital of Bas-Congo Province. Matadi is called “city on rocks” because it was built on a rocky hill. A Congolese saying states that in Matadi, all there is to do is ‘climb and sweat’. Visit to and rest in the biggest and most beautiful Botanic Park of the Congo, at Kisantu. The Kisantu Botanic Garden is situated on 250 Ha. More than 3000 tropical plant and tree species can be found here. The Orchidea-garden, Congolese forest with 200 different wood species, the crocodile lake, and a nice restaurant offers a unique leisure time for travelers.
Tipp: Read about Congo’s botanic gardens: http://www.bgci.org/worldwide/article/0037
congo flowers  matadi
Day 4: Guided tour in Matadi, night Matadi
Matadi is the capital of Bas-Congo and it borders Angola. The Congo and Angola are separated here by the Congo River while the left bank belongs to the Congo (Matadi is here) and on the right you have Angola. The highlight of the town is the port of Matadi. It is the main port of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Matadi port has always been extremely important, since it has been the reference point for the Belgians for all economic activities. In order to cross the river Congo, Matadi has a gigantic bridge of more than 720 meters which has rail tracks and roads and was built in 1983. After visiting the bridge, we will have an excellent panoramic view from Belvedere and also have a visit to the local art market.
Day 5.: Yellala Waterfalls, night Boma
Departure to Yellala village early morning. An hour walk to Yellala Waterfalls with an exceptional ambiance and view of the Congo River. Interestingly, the river is not navigable between Kinshasa and the Yellala Waterfalls. Therefore, all transport is by road between the capital and the international port. Travel to Boma, that was one of the biggest ports of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in the past. Night in Boma.
Day 6: On the footsteps of Henry Morton Stanley at the Congo River Delta, night Moanda
Tour around Boma. Visit to the oldest cathedral in the Congo, the famous baobab tree of Stanley and the colonial buildings. Travel to Moanda with a short stop at Nzadi-Congo village. Meeting with the village chief. Night in Moanda.  Traditional musical and dancing cultural performance.
kongo tshikuanga   baobab fa   
Day 7: Discovering the heritage of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, night Moanda
Tour of Moanda, the oil-rich city at the banks of the Atlantic-Ocean. Visit to the Delta of the Atlantic-Ocean and the Congo River which is nearby the neighboring Angola. This place not only tells the history of the ancient slaves, but also their living descendants and the modern form of slavery today.
  jombe falu
Day 8: Travel to Moanda to Matadi
Travel from Moanda to Matadi, with a visit in Assaini village, inhabited by the Jombe people through the Luki Biosphere Reserve that is located about 120 km east of the Atlantic coast and represents the humid tropical rain-forest ecosystem.
Day 9: Monkey Bridge and Mwampa Waterfalls
Travel from Matadi to Kinshasa. Visit to the Mwampa waterfalls.We will cross the Monkey Bridge and climb across cliffs above this overwhelming waterfall. This will surely be an ever-lasting moment and an unforgettable memory. Night at Kisantu.
  mwampa vizeses
Day 10: Bonobo Park and the outstanding art of the Congo, night Kinshasa
Visit to the Lola Ya Bonobo Park which is special because it houses and protects the rare Bonobo monkey species that can only be found in the Congo Basin. These monkeys are very intelligent and closely resemble human characteristics. They are able to drink bottled water and their diseases can be cured with human medicines. We can have a special glimpse into the life of these beautiful and rare creatures in the Bonobo Natural Reserve. Visit to the art market in the afternoon. Opportunity to buy statues, raphia textiles, masks and souvenirs.
Day 11: Last goodbyes from the Congo River at Tintin, check-in
Last goodbyes from the Congo River at Tintin restaurant where we will also see a few nearby mines. Lunch, pack-up, check-out, and journey to the airport.

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