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Congo River Delta Tour

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Next travel date: on demand
Size of group: from 2 participants

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Dear Traveller!
Congo is a vibrant and shocking place full with experience, surprises and challenges where you can never get bored. Spontaneity silently leads travellers and brings them to unforgettable experiences. Important! Congo is not a popular tourist destination.  Only join us in case you are ready to jump into an African culture, because our tours require active participation, flexibility and tolerance from participants. If you desire luxurious lodges, beautiful safaris and a comfortable popular journey, this is not your tour. If you seek for a life-changing experience that will stay with you until the rest of your life, I suggest you to join us and experience the Congo!
The DR-Congo is one of the most vibrant and interesting places in Africa. As a non-popular tourist detination it has a lot to offer: the real feeling of exploring undiscovered places as a pioneer, traditions, and lots true and sincere moments of interaction with local people. In the Congo, you can feel the real hint of the motherland Africa. It will not be an easy journey for you but you will never regret experiencing one of the worlds last 'untouched' heart of humanity. We suggest DRC as a destination for experienced travellers.
• The local currency is the Congolese franc (CDF); it cannot be converted and cannot be taken out of the country. With individual note denominations nearly worthless it is often easier to use US dollars, though you should be careful not to use old dollar bills or small denominations (anything below a US$20 note).
• Travellers cheques and credit cards are rarely accepted here; credit cards are only accepted in one or two upmarket hotels in Kinshasa. Your best bet is to travel with a carefully concealed money belt containing US dollars.
• You can change money around the port, but it’s better to find a reliable contact (ask around where you are staying)
Dangers & annoyances
• Avoid taking photos in public, especially of the river, government buildings and the airport, which are viewed as places of national security. Taking unsanctioned photos can lead to arrest.
• Do not walk around at night and think twice about walking around in the daytime unless you are sure of the route. Take the advice of the locals in matters of personal security wherever possible. If you are involved in a car accident do not hang around as mobs can gather quickly. Always carry a copy of your passport.
• Malaria remains rife throughout DRC. Check with your GP before leaving home and take all the necessary precautions.
• All visitors need a visa. If flying into Kinshasa it is essential to get a visa beforehand. These cost approximately US$75 for a one-month, single-entry visa, or US$135 for a 60-day, multiple-entry tourist visa. If crossing by land you can often get a visa at the border within 24 hours
• Visas for onward travel. If at all possible, procure your onward travel African visas from your home country before departure. This is especially true for Angolan visas which require a letter of introduction from a person in-country first. The easiest visa to get in the DRC is for Congo (Brazzaville) a short hop across the Congo River.
Climate & when to go
• Apart from high-altitude areas, most of the country is hot and humid year-round, with daytime temperatures lingering around 30°C. Rainfall is scant near the coast, but increases significantly as you move inland.
• The best time to go depends largely upon which area of the country you will be visiting. The dry season (and the best time to visit) in the north is from December and February while in the south it runs between April and October

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